On Saturdays, we do vaccines and preventative prescriptions, but we do not see medical patients.  Our full service veterinary clinic services are offered  Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5:30 PM.

This page lists our prices for surgeries and other medical treatments.
We have separate vaccine price pages as prices for dogs and prices for cats.


Prices include pre-surgical exam, the surgery, anesthesia, monitoring, recovery
aftercare, pain medication, E-collar, and nail trim.

 We require an e-collar for all spays and neuters.



We do NOT spay animals in heat.

Additional  $20 if CAT is pregnant.

Additional $50 if DOG is pregnant.







$60 (0-30 lbs); price includes ecollar
$70 (31-50 lbs)
$85 (51-75 lbs)
Over 75 lbs (Starting at $85)

$60 + Neuter cost

$100 + Neuter cost

Cat Spay $75; includes e-collar

Dog Spay as listed by weight:

(0 – 25 lbs) $80       (26-30 lbs) $90

(31-40 lbs) $110       (41-50 lbs) $130

(51-60 lbs) $150       (61-70 lbs) $170

(71-80 lbs) $190       (81-90 lbs) $210

(91-100 lbs) $200

(101+ lbs) Needs an estimate (Starting at $250)

Spay and neuter surgeries require an e-collar.


with spay-Needs estimate ($900- $1200)

without spay-Needs estimate ($1200- $2000)

Breed and size dependent

Ear Flushing with Sedation for dogs

$100- per ear (up to 75 lbs)
(Over 75 lbs- Requires an estimate)

Tail Dock & Dewclaw Removal

$30 per puppy
(MUST be done between 2-5 days of age)

Dental Cleaning

Canines-  $100 per pet

 Felines- $100 per pet

All routine extractions are $10 per tooth (Max charge of $50)
Retained baby teeth extractions – $5 per tooth

All surgical extractions need an estimate. Also pre-dental blood work

may be required, if so this can be done at our clinic prior your

dental appointment.

Non-Surgery Prices and Information

An exam fee of $30.00 per pet, with the exception of vaccinations, microchip and nail trims.

Microchip- $35

Includes registration (must have an Email address)

Parvo Testing

$35- per pet
DO NOT COME INSIDE THE CLINIC WITH your dog PRIOR to getting back your test results. If you suspect your dog has parvo due to the following symptoms: vomiting, diarrhea, and/or lethargy, please call ahead of time BEFORE arriving with your dog for information on where wait with your pet .

Nail Trim


Must be current on vaccines and may be unable to preform due to time constraints

Parasite Prevention

For dogs, heartworm prevention can be prescribed only upon at least one of these

  • The dog is younger than 6 months
  • Paperwork showing a heart-worm test within the last 30 days is negative and purchased preventative.

All prices are subject to change without notice. If you will have just vaccinations, no appointment is necessary.

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